Coatings For a More Durable World

Professional Powder Coating Services

At Prism Powder Coating, we take pride in servicing the Metro Phoenix or Phoenix AZ with professional powder coating services.

No matter the scope of your upcoming job, you can rely on our talented technicians to provide quality, detailed work. Thanks to our innovative facility and advanced technology, we routinely complete powder coating services for commercial, industrial, architectural, and manufacturing jobs.

Powder coating provides a nearly flawless coat, as it’s applied electrostatically and then cured under heat while it forms to the contours or a surface. Additionally, it’s different from conventional liquid paint because it doesn’t require a solvent. Powder coating will prove significantly more durable than liquid paint, and you can use it to cover various objects.

  • Powder Coating
  • Fusion Bonding
  • Industrial Epoxy Coating
  • Architectural Liquid Coating
  • Industrial Metal Finishing
  • Commercial Sandblasting

True Versatility with Our Industrial/Architectural Coatings

Take a look at the following section to get a sense of our past work. We’ve handled a wide array of materials in the past, and we’re always open to new requests.
  • Piping/Fittings
  • Military Parts
  • Metal Railings for Homes and Businesses
  • Ornamental Gates
  • Vehicle Panels
  • Steel Wire Sculptures
  • And Much More!
No matter the nature of your request, we can coat it. We operate a huge oven to accommodate your large parts and accessories. That being said, we can also complete small residential jobs.
We’d love to tell you more about our innovative capabilities.

We offer our professional powder coating services to the Metro Phoenix or Phoenix AZ. Call us today for more information, or contact us to schedule an appointment!